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The knowledge that a patient is at high or low risk for late seizures has the potential to improve patient care.

What emerged is that Devic’s is a distinct syndrome that results in widespread destructive lesions in the spinal cord that are not strictly demyelinating in their onset. Interesting questions remain.

Here: highlights from a systematic review that these authors view as a substantial step forward in establishing an evidence-based approach to migraine treatment in the acute care setting.

So many good headache studies . . . so little time! Here's a little help.

Recent studies have suggested that H1N1 influenza might be the trigger for some patients, but a number of interesting questions remain.

Vitamin D levels during pregnancy do not appear to influence MS risk to any substantial extent.

Given the data from Denmark, being infected with HIV does seem to be “protective” against MS development.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has captured the fun-loving kid in Americans of all ages. But for neurologists who treat persons with ALS there is far more challenge than fun.

Several lines of evidence indicate that gender affects the susceptibility and course of MS with a higher disease prevalence and overall better prognosis in women.

Here: succinct highlights from new studies may offer you insights about multiple sclerosis you didn't have before.


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