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Try to stay current with the flood of published dementia studies these days and you may miss a few with human subjects. Here, a quick review of 2 non-animal analyses that might make you think differently in clinic tomorrow.

The notion that vitamin D deficiency is associated with a substantially increased risk of all-cause dementia and Alzheimer disease was confirmed by the results of the largest study of its kind.

Out of the blizzard of recently published clinical studies on multiple sclerosis, we've randomly selected 2 with useful information you might not want to -- but easily could -- miss. Here: brief synopses and links.

A 53-year-old woman presents to the emergency department (ED) with altered consciousness. Seen in Figure 1 is the brain CT scan obtained at ED presentation.

Take a look at these 3 images and see if you can pinpoint the cause of altered consciousness in this woman.

Persons with epilepsy have a higher prevalence of comorbid conditions—psychiatric disorders in particular—than the general population. Here: a look at the most common comorbidities and a discussion of the clinical implications.

This FDA-approved treatment for migraine is a welcome alternative for patients who have significant medication intolerances or who wish to try a non-pharmacologic approach to treatment.


An unusual cause of postpartum neurologic deficits: MRIs of progressing relapsing-remitting MS; Lhermitte-Duclos disease as a cause of ataxia: here. . . 5 short clinical cases, each with images, that offer take-home messages you can use in your practice.

How do we use Tysabri responsibly? How often should you screen patients taking the medication for the JC virus? What are the considerations for transitioning JC+ patients to another medication—and when is the best time to make the transition?

Neurologists are often tapped by the media to explain complex conditions to a nonphysician audience. As part of a marketing strategy, offering your expertise to local media outlets helps them report accurately and burnishes your reputation.


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