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Alzheimer diseases

Alzheimer diseases

Here: an update on the current state of CSF fluid-borne markers for Alzheimer disease and what they may portend.

Alzheimer disease psychosis appears to be a distinct clinical entity. This article focuses on management strategies.

Vitamin E given daily was effective in slowing patients’ functional decline and in reducing caregiver time.

Omega-3 fatty acids in dietary supplements can cross the blood-brain barrier in persons who have Alzheimer disease, affecting known markers for the disease and for inflammation, a study shows.

Peanut butter and a ruler may turn out to be tools that offer an inexpensive, sensitive, and specific olfactory means of screening for Alzheimer disease. Details here.

Insufficient evidence proving benefit of Alzheimer’s drug Amyvid behind Medicare’s ruling to limit or deny coverage.

The drive to screen older persons for minor memory changes is leading to unnecessary investigation and potentially harmful treatment, according to some experts.


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