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Alisa G. Woods, PhD

Alisa G. Woods, PhD

Alisa G Woods, PhD, is a science and medical writer with a background in neurobiology and mental health counseling.

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Identification of a brain circuit implicated in Alzheimer disease and schizophrenia could aid in comprehension of brain disorders and point to prevention strategies.

Pain relief is better with a triple combination medication that includes acetaminophen than with acetaminophen by itself, researchers found, suggesting a new therapeutic option.

Up until now, these treatments have not produced promising efficacy results in clinical trials. MRI could show the way.

As more treatments become available, patients will have more preferences and will play a more prominent role in directing choices.

Determining who is at risk for MS remains difficult, and symptoms may take time to develop even in patients who already have some destroyed myelin. MRI may help.

Could the common herpes simplex virus be associated with Alzheimer disease? These researchers think it is possible.

A new study provides hope for MS treatment with IGF-1, which could ultimately halt the attack of T effector cells on myelin, thereby stopping disease progression.

Increased orexin in this disorder is associated with disease severity, total tau protein levels, sleep impairment, and cognitive deterioration.

Why ask patients to “spit in a cup”? Statistically significant protein differences have been found in Alzheimer disease saliva, and trends have been observed for Parkinson disease.

To combat opiate abuse and its dire consequences, drug makers have developed a number of strategies--which are detailed here.


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