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Anthony G. Alessi, MD

Anthony G. Alessi, MD

Anthony Alessi, MD is a board-certified neurologist in private practice in Norwich, CT, specializing in neurology, electrodiagnostic medicine and sports neurology. He completed his neurology residency and fellowship at the University of Michigan, and is an associate clinical professor of neurology at the University of Connecticut. Dr Alessi is CEO and chairman of Colonial Cooperative Care Inc., a medical management company in Norwich and serves as a neurologic consultant to many athletic organizations. He is the author of Healthy Sports: A Doctor’s Lessons for a Winning Lifestyle and Lift Up Your Hearts: Healing Haiti, Land of Hardship. For more on Dr Alessi, visit www.alessimd.com.

Posts by Author

Previously, the football sideline was the sole domain of orthopedic surgeons and athletic trainers. Neurologists are now part of a growing team of physicians with an interest in treating athletes.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has captured the fun-loving kid in Americans of all ages. But for neurologists who treat persons with ALS there is far more challenge than fun.

Neurologists are often tapped by the media to explain complex conditions to a nonphysician audience. As part of a marketing strategy, offering your expertise to local media outlets helps them report accurately and burnishes your reputation.

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