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Leo Robert

Leo Robert

Leo Robert is Senior Editor at Consultantlive.com. Contact him by email here.



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Americans’ average daily sodium intake may be associated with better health outcomes than recommended intake levels.

indoor allergens

Spring is here and brings with it the peak allergy season. Patients will present with a variety of allergic diseases, both seasonal and otherwise. This week’s photo quiz tests your knowledge of these disorders.

Diabetic Hand Condition

Patients frequently present with hand disorders, and the hands often show changes that reflect a disease that affects other parts of or the whole body. This week’s photo quiz offers several presentations to test your knowledge.

Complex regional pain syndrome

Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. It may be a part of a disease, or it may be the disease itself. Here, test your knowledge of this troubling diagnostic challenge.

As the incidence of malignant melanoma continues to rise, so does primary care physicians’ need to identify pigmented lesions for early detection. Take a look at these presentations to test your knowledge.

In the news: respiratory disease underdiagnosed, Alzheimer biomarkers, Crohn disease microbiome, migraine device, sleep apnea and diabetes.

No longer considered a single entity, hypertension is part of a larger disease group that includes obesity, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, and other concerns. Test your knowledge of hypertension and related problems.

In the news: stroke prevention, heart disease and women, migraine and depression, cholinesterase inhibitors and dementia, multivitamins and cataract risk.

Better understanding of this complex condition can lead to better patient care and prevention. This week’s photo quiz offers several presentations to test your knowledge.

Alpine skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, ice hockey … the ongoing Winter Olympics in Sochi serve as a cold reminder that injuries plague athletes around the world. Test your knowledge of common sports injuries here.


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