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Leo Robert

Leo Robert

Leo Robert is Senior Editor at Consultantlive.com. Contact him by email here.



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Opportunities to obtain the latest scientific knowledge and institute scientifically sound therapy to maintain the highest quality of patient care abound at the meeting.

A wide range of disorders show up in the feet, and patients often turn to their primary care physician to find the diagnosis. This week's photo quiz offers several presentations to test your knowledge.

There is not enough evidence to assess the benefit or harm, according to an update from the U S Preventive Services Task Force.

Neurological disorders have been considered a significant threat to public health for some time. Take a look at these facts and figures.

Some of the signs of infection are pathognomonic, but not many, so careful patient evaluation often is needed. This week's photo quiz offers a variety of presentations to test your diagnostic acumen.

Early identification of childhood disorders is essential for achieving the best possible outcomes. This week’s photo quiz tests your ability to recognize some of the possible presentations.

For children with ADHD, assessing parents’ preferences and goals is useful for clinicians in understanding which treatment parents are likely to initiate for their children.

Patients often present with skin lesions that are suggestive of skin cancer. Is it or isn’t it? This week’s photo quiz tests your knowledge of several possible cancerous presentations.

Collectively, sleep problems are more than a concern, they now constitute an epidemic. Consider these 10 facts and figures.

Finger disorders may be caused by an injury or may result from another disorder, and it’s often hard to tell what happened. This week’s photo quiz tests your ability to recognize a variety of common problems.


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