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Mark L. Fuerst

Mark L. Fuerst

Mark Fuerst is a frequent contributor to Consultantlive.com.

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A new study suggests that DNA fragmentation and progressive motility may be more accurate and consistent predictors of sperm quality than traditionally measured traits.

Results of a new large study may offer some clarity in an area replete with conflicting findings from small studies in older men or registry studies in special populations.

Current screening and treatment practices are inadequate, according to the lead author of a new study, particularly as fragility fractures among men are projected to increase threefold by the year 2050.

Results of a new study are significant since asymptomatic, aggressive heart disease is the most common cause of death in patients with diabetes.

If full restoration of immunologic and clinical health is the goal of antiretroviral therapy, the best chance we have is to start ART within 12 months of infection.

Increasing clinical evidence suggests that statins may help prevent cancer in certain HIV-1 infected patients. Details here.

Clinical estimates of the incidence of diabetic nephropathy fall far short of the widespread presence of the disease suggested by a recent autopsy study.

A new study suggests that up to 1 in 5 patients with diabetes might be genetically programmed to derive little or no benefit from increased physical activity.

The ketogenic and the modified Atkins diets, high in fat and low in carbohydrates, could reduce these seizures, suggesting that clinicians bring them into the treatment discussion.

After sleeve gastrectomy, obese patients with type 2 DM who have less severe disease do better than those who have more advanced disease. Surgery should be encouraged sooner rather than later.


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