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Mark L. Fuerst

Mark L. Fuerst

Mark Fuerst is a frequent contributor to Consultantlive.com.

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A genetic variant involved in regulating food intake may play a role in how body mass index affects patients’ susceptibility to diabetes. Reducing total energy intake might help prevent obesity.

Correcting Vitamin D deficiency in susceptible diabetes patients could have considerable metabolic benefit.

The rate of undiagnosed diabetes mellitus is high in men even though the overall risk is not particularly high. Perhaps it’s because men do not like to talk about health issues.

Significant advances have resulted in nearly equal 5-year survival rates for patients with and without diabetes.

Increases were significant in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, according to a new study, possibly leading to further increases in the next generation.

The science behind the dangers of testosterone therapy is called into question by researchers who find the outsized reaction to flawed data counterproductive for physicians and patients alike.

Even moderate amounts of exercise can lower the risk of death in older men with high blood pressure, a new study shows.

An oral capsule that vibrates as it moves through the digestive tract may become a unique nonpharmacological treatment for chronic constipation.

Surgical techniques to remove precancerous polyps during colonoscopies can substantially reduce recovery time and the length of hospital stays, a new study shows.

A new study points to the need to revise the current standard of care for patients with bleeding ulcers. Intermittent proton pump therapy is an equally safe, less costly, more comfortable alternative for patients than standard care.


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