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Mark L. Fuerst

Mark L. Fuerst

Mark Fuerst is a frequent contributor to Consultantlive.com.

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Real progress may be taking place in the epidemic where it can have the most impact.

An emergency medicine expert opens doctors’ eyes about what to do when patients present with vision disorders.

Several related health concerns—including asthma, pericarditis, and pneumonia—are treatable within the primary care office.

Young men who have participated in sports at a high level have reduced disturbances in glucose regulation later in life, and the prevalence of type 2 DM is lower.

When a patient complains of feeling dizzy or light-headed, don’t overlook neurological or other causes, but first think about a cardiac cause.

Consuming yogurt and other low-fat, fermented dairy products can reduce the risk of type 2 DM, according to a new study.

Diminished lung function and low serum potassium levels are important contributors to the racial disparity in diabetes mellitus risk among African Americans, according to a new study.

Patient-centered medical homes and nurse-managed health centers may help mitigate the expected shortage of primary care physicians.

Physical activity significantly extends the lives of men who have survived cancer, according to the results of a new study.

They should be the first-line treatment in patients with hypertension who have DM when cost is not a concern, according to a new study.


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