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Susan Kweskin

Susan Kweskin

Susan Kweskin is Group Editorial Director of Psychiatric Times and www.PsychiatricTimes.com. She is also Editorial Director of www.Consultantlive.com, a site dedicated to primary care physicians. Email here.


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Had the National Rifle Association (NRA) had its way and Bill 432 had been voted into law in Florida, physicians in that state would have been prohibited from asking their patients whether they have access to firearms.

United Press International recently reported that construction workers in Hall, Austria have exhumed what may be turn out to be grim remains of the Third Reich’s Action T4 program that sought to exterminate mentally and physically disabled men women and children.

If surveys conducted by physician recruiting companies accurately reflect current trends in the job market, the news is very good for psychiatrists—and less promising for many patients with mental health disorders.

Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) is continuing his 2-year investigation of potential conflicts of interest between academic researchers and the pharmaceutical industry.

A clinic for patients with bipolar disorder at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) was the scene of yet another attack by a patient on a psychiatrist.

I couldn't help but notice that it has become possible lately to lift recent editions of the Sunday New York Times with only a single hand. Not too long ago, the Sunday edition had a lot more reassuring heft to it.

If you are a regular reader of this journal, you've probably
enjoyed articles on a number of topics that were
written by Dr Linda S. Nield. I'm pleased to announce
that Dr Nield has recently joined the editorial board
of Consultant For Pediatricians, and I would like to
extend to her a warm welcome.

If you are reading this editorial, you've already seen the 2 special supplements to Consultant For Pediatricians that came wrapped with our October issue. The editors of those special issues and I hope that you'll find information in the vaccine and dermatology supplements that you can put to good use in your practice. We hope you'll find the same in our regular issue.


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