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Parkinson disease

Parkinson disease

Tango may be not only a vibrant dance of passion but also a therapeutic one. Symptoms and socialization may be improved.

The rate of diagnostic accuracy is lower in early disease and higher in later disease and is improved by medication response and other factors.

The remarkable coffee bean is associated with reduced prevalence of several diseases, including Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

This study indicates that your mother was right about eating your fruits and vegetables: results suggest that eating some foods and avoiding others could be a nutrient prescription for Parkinson disease.

For some patients with Parkinson disease, the neuropsychiatric complications are a greater source of morbidity than the motor dysfunction. This article focuses on the management of psychosis in Parkinson disease.

Images from 3T MRI help detect signs of Parkinson’s disease, inexpensively, and with no danger of radiation exposure.

Ultra-high-field 7-Tesla MRI of the brain detected abnormalities in the substantia nigra among subjects with Parkinson’s disease.


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