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Some interesting take home-points for your practice from recent studies and surveys: learn the details in this 5 question quiz.

A gene variant strongly associated with development of type 2 diabetes mellitus appears to respond to a Mediterranean diet to prevent stroke.

Brain infarcts among crack cocaine users may be secondary to large cerebral artery vasospasm with secondary intravascular thrombosis (with or without distal embolization).

Nonadherence to antihypertensive drug therapy increased risk of stroke, hospitalization for stroke and stroke-related mortality.

Mid-life hypertension is a risk factor for cognitive decline. A 10 mm Hg rise in systolic pressure led to an intermediate cognitive decline in 7% of the cohort on follow-up.

Suicidal ideation among stroke survivors (7.8%) was higher than among those with a history of MI (6.2%), diabetes (5.2%), and cancer (4.1%).


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